Malumpati Cold Spring is a popular eco-tourism destination located in Pandan, Antique. It’s known for its refreshing natural pools fed by a cold spring surrounded by a lush green forest. The exact source of the Malumpati Cold Spring’s water is a bit mysterious, but it’s believed to originate from a series of interconnected underground springs and rivers. The designated swimming area is a natural pool downstream, but the actual source is further upstream called the Blue Lagoon. This source feeds the Bugang River, which is known for its exceptional clarity. Some sources claim the Bugang River even extends into other municipalities through a network of subterranean rivers.

The spring itself is believed to be pristine and the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines. Locals consider the water to have healing properties. This is a source of pride for the Pandan community, and the spring serves as a source of income through tourism.

Malumpati Cold Spring offers a variety of activities for visitors. The most popular is taking a dip in the spring’s cool, refreshing waters. You can also relax by renting a cottage and lounging poolside. For a more adventurous experience, try water tubing along the natural stream. And nature lovers can explore the surrounding lush forest for a refreshing escape.

Malumpati Cold Spring Location

Nestled within Sitio Malumpati, Barangay Guia in Pandan, Antique lies Malumpati Cold Spring. This refreshing oasis sits at the southwestern edge of the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park, a protected area on Panay Island. Although accessible by car on paved roads, there have been instances of road construction in the past. Be sure to check for updates on road conditions before your trip. There’s also a designated parking area available for a separate fee.

Malumpati Cold Spring Location Map


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