St. Faustina Spring, Jasaan

St. Faustina Spring in Misamis Oriental Province

Located within Misamis Oriental, St. Faustina Spring offers a refreshing escape for travelers seeking serenity. Crystal-clear waters sourced from a natural spring fill its swimming pools, providing a cool and inviting respite. The location’s tranquility, coupled with its affordability (*entrance fee is only 30 pesos!), makes it an ideal destination for relaxation. Cottages are available for rent at budget-conscious prices (*150-200 pesos), and visitors can bring their own food, creating a cost-effective option for value-oriented travelers. While frequented by locals, the spring retains its peaceful charm, offering a serene atmosphere for visitors.

*Prices subject to change.

The trek to St. Faustina Spring adds to its allure. The remote location boasts breathtaking scenery and meticulously maintained gardens, with towering Talisay trees providing ample shade. Be prepared for a spirited commute, as the access road is partially single-lane and can be uneven. Motorcycles are recommended for navigating the path’s more rugged sections with a cliffside presence. However, four-wheel drive vehicles are still capable of navigating the route.

Upon arrival, unwind by taking a dip in the spring’s refreshingly cool water or rent a large inner tube to float leisurely around the pool. Allow yourself to be enveloped by the tranquility of this secluded haven and reconnect with the beauty of nature.

St. Faustina Spring Location

Situated in Barangay Luz Banzon, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental, St. Faustina Spring provides a refreshing escape for travelers seeking tranquility. This secluded natural wonder is located approximately 2 kilometers off the main road traversing Barangay Kimaya, Jasaan. A motorcycle journey from the main road takes roughly 10-20 minutes to reach the spring. Barangay Kimaya itself is conveniently situated about an hour north of Cagayan de Oro City, the capital of Misamis Oriental province.

St. Faustina Spring Location Map


cover photo by Aryle J

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