Bobonawan River, Bukidnon

Bobonawan River in Bukidnon Province

The Bobonawan River, a tributary of the Cagayan de Oro River, stretches for at least 50 kilometers and originates from the slopes of Mount Kitanglad. Its crystal-clear water flows over smooth rocks, creating a serene and refreshing atmosphere. A favorite spot among locals, the river is a great place to take a dip, have a picnic, or even wash clothes.

One popular spot is the Kalasuyan Spillway. Here, a road crosses directly through the river, allowing vehicles to splash through the shallow waters. For those who prefer drier crossings, a nearby hanging bridge provides a pathway for motorcycles and pedestrians, especially when the current gets strong. The Kalasuyan Spillway is especially lively on weekends with good weather, with visitors enjoying picnics and camping by the river. Remember, while these activities are allowed, proper waste disposal is crucial to preserve the beauty of the place. There are also no entrance fees to enjoy the river.

Adding to the Bobonawan River’s charm is the Bobonawan Hydro Power Plant located in Barangay Kiliog, Libona. Another must-visit spot is the Imbatug-Balangikog Falls, or simply Balangikog Falls, situated in Barangay Imbatug, Baungon. This cascading wonder consists of three waterfalls, each with an average height of 35 meters, and its waters flow directly into the Bobonawan River.

Bobonawan River Location

The Bobonawan River courses through Libona, Bukidnon, additionally serving as the border line between the municipalities of Libona and Baungon.

Bobonawan River Location Map


Cover photo by Ronald L

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