Sicogon Island is a hidden gem tucked away off the coast of northern Iloilo, Philippines. It’s known for its pristine beaches, clear turquoise waters, and laid-back atmosphere.

The island is relatively small, with a total land area of only 1,160 hectares. Its highest point is Mount Opao, which stands at 214 meters tall. The island’s name comes from the abundance of cogon grass that grows there.

The island is a home to a thriving community and the locals are known for their warmth and hospitality, making visitors feel welcome. The island is divided into three barangays (villages): Alipata, Buaya, and San Fernando.

Sicogon Island is a beach lover’s paradise with a variety of options, from the hidden gem of Buaya Beach with its white sand, stunning views, and relaxing breezes to Dapdap Beach’s yellowish sands near the island’s northwest port, or the luxurious white sands stretching nearly a kilometer at the private Huni Sicogon Beach.

The island offers a variety of activities beyond its beautiful beaches. Explore nearby islands like Gigantes, Cabugao Gamay, and Bantigue on an island-hopping adventure. Discover the vibrant underwater world through snorkeling. For the adventurous, hike up Mount Opao, the island’s peak, for breathtaking views. Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting historical sites and interacting with the friendly Sicogon community.

Sicogon Island offers a more laid-back and off-the-beaten-path experience compared to other tourist destinations in the Philippines. This makes it a great destination for travelers who want to experience the beauty of the Philippines without the crowds.

Sicogon Island Location

Sicogon Island is located in the northern region of Iloilo, Philippines. It falls under the municipality of Carles, Iloilo. Travelers can fly directly to Sicogon Island from Manila via AirSwift, or take a ferry from Estancia port, a quick 30-minute journey.

Sicogon Island Map


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