Lake Nailig

Lake Nailig in Negros Oriental

High atop Negros Oriental’s Mount Talinis, a potentially active volcano, lies Lake Nailig, a crater lake serving as a vital base camp for climbers. Alongside its companion, Lake Mabilog, Nailig’s presence underscores the mountain’s volcanic history.

Enveloped by verdant forests, the lake exudes serenity, often draped in an ethereal morning fog. The adjacent campsite provides a designated clearing for tents, particularly during low water periods. Towering trees frame the lake, offering a sense of tranquility for weary hikers.

The ascent to the lake presents its own adventure. Hikers traverse dense forests, encounter cascading waterfalls, and may even discover a refreshing natural pool for a welcome respite. A unique feature is a nearby sulfur vent, releasing sulfuric elements that transform a section of the river into a visually striking yellowish stream, creating an almost barren zone amidst the lush surroundings.

While the lake water itself appears pristine, it’s crucial to remember Mount Talinis’ volcanic status; consumption is only recommended after boiling.

For those aiming to conquer the summit, Lake Nailig serves as a strategic stop. Located just a 30-40 minute trek from the peak, it provides the perfect opportunity to shed heavier camping gear for a more agile ascent.

Given the sometimes challenging terrain, employing a local guide is highly recommended for navigating the trails to Lake Nailig. Proper camping gear is essential, particularly due to the chilly nighttime temperatures. With its breathtaking vistas and serene atmosphere, Lake Nailig beckons experienced trekkers seeking a unique and rewarding adventure.

Lake Nailig Location

Lake Nailig is situated close to the summit of Mount Talinis within the Valencia municipality of Negros Oriental province. Access to the lake is facilitated by several established trails, with the Bidjao, Dauin, and Apolong routes being the most frequented.

Lake Nailig Location Map


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