Chicken Tinola, or more popularly known as Tinolang Manok, is a traditional Filipino soup dish. Although there are no known records of its origin, it’s been part of almost every Filipino cooking. It’s even mentioned in the Noli Me Tángere novel by Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ National Hero, which was published in 1887.

A popular Pinoy comfort food, Chicken Tinola is perfect for cold weather but can also be eaten any day of the year. This popular dish is usually served as a main course and eaten during lunch or dinner.

Chicken Tinola is made with ginger, pepper leaves, and green papaya as main ingredients. The dish comes in different variations depending on the region and ingredients available. Some use chayote or calabash instead of green papaya, and malunggay (moringa) leaves instead of pepper leaves. In some parts of the country, lemongrass leaves, and achuete (annatto) seeds are used for additional aroma and flavor. Although any available chicken can be used, a lot of Filipinos prefer to cook Chicken Tinola using native chicken breeds such as Banaba, Bolinao, Camarines, Darag, Joloanon, and Paraokan. Usually, only the chicken meat is used but there are Filipinos who also include the chicken’s gizzard, liver, and even cleaned intestines! Cooking involves simmering the chicken for a long period of time to release its taste.

Where to eat Chicken Tinola in the Philippines?

Almost every Pinoy household knows this dish since it is easy to prepare and recipes of this dish is everywhere in the internet. It is also commonly sold in Philippine eateries and restaurants. A visit in the Philippines will not be complete without enjoying the Chicken Tinola!

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