Curacha Alavar of Zamboanga

Zamboanga boasts a dish that stands out among the seafood delicacies – the Curacha Alavar. This local treasure, celebrated for its unique blend of flavors and culinary history, has become a must-try for visitors to the region.

The Curacha, a species of deep-sea crab found in the waters surrounding Zamboanga, takes center stage in this delectable dish. What sets this dish apart is the special Alavar sauce, a creamy and flavorful concoction made from coconut milk, spices, and the secret touch of the Alavar family recipe.

This savory masterpiece has gained recognition not only for its mouthwatering taste but also for its cultural significance. The Alavar sauce has become synonymous with the city’s culinary identity.

Zamboanga’s food scene showcases the best of Curacha Alavar, and locals take pride in preparing and sharing this seafood delight with visitors. The dish has become an essential part of festivities and celebrations, embodying the warmth and hospitality of the Zamboangueño people.

Where to Eat Curacha Alavar in Zamboanga?

Being the home of the original Curacha Alavar recipe, Alavar Seafood Restaurant is a go-to destination for locals and tourists alike. It is located in Don Alfaro Street, Tetuan, Zamboanga City.

As you explore Zamboanga, don’t miss the opportunity to experience this gastronomic delight. Venture into the city’s food scene, your taste buds are in for a treat that perfectly encapsulates the flavors and traditions of this Philippine destination.

Cooking Curacha Alavar

Cover photo by Marlene G

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