Libuacan Cold Spring is a beautiful natural spring located Surigao del Sur. The spring is known for its deep, clear, and cold water, which comes from an underground source. Locals use the water for drinking and washing, and visitors can enjoy swimming in the refreshing water.

In the past, the spring had a problem with pollution. However, thanks to the efforts of the tourism officers and the local community, the trash has been cleaned up and the spring is now clean again. There are picnic tables, a changing room, and a donation box by the entrance.

The spring is easily accessible by motorcycles and cars. It is located just beside the road and a 10 pesos entrance fee. There are now cottages available for rent, and there are small stores nearby where you can buy snacks and drinks. For those who are adventurous, the deep and clean water of the spring makes it a great spot for deep diving.

Overall, the spring is a hidden gem in Surigao del Sur that is worth visiting. With its beautiful scenery, refreshing water, and local charm, it is a great place to spend a day. Efforts are underway to preserve the spring for future generations

Libuacan Cold Spring Location

Libuacan Cold Spring can be found in Barangay Carpenito, Tagbina, within the province of Surigao del Sur, situated in the Caraga Region of Mindanao Island. Approximately 8 kilometers southeast of Tagbina’s town center, it takes roughly 11 minutes to reach the spring by car.

Libuacan Cold Spring Location Map


Cover photo by Marissa J

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