The Mabinay Caves or Bulwang Caves is a premier attraction in the town of Mabinay, on Negros Island in the Visayas. Local lore suggests that this town is home to approximately 400 caves, with around 100 of them recognized, and among those, 50 were officially identified by foreign explorers over two decades ago. However, only seven of these caves are open to visitors, each offering its unique level of challenge. Notably, three caves—Crystal Cave, Panligwan Cave, and Pandalihan Cave—are particularly suitable for beginners.

For those seeking a more advanced spelunking experience, Baliw and Mambajo Caves beckon, while Odloman Cave caters to extreme-level explorers and holds the distinction of being the second-longest cave in the Philippines. Crystal Cave, affectionately known as the Honeymoon Cave, shines as the most enchanting among the seven accessible caves. Illuminated from within, the cave features strategically placed lights that not only ease navigation but also enhance the allure of its stalactites, stalagmites, and rock formations.

Exploring these caves is best undertaken with a knowledgeable guide, ensuring a more enjoyable and informative experience. Guides not only share fascinating insights but also provide a brief orientation on essential considerations for cave exploration, making the journey both safe and captivating.

Mabinay Caves Location

The Mabinay Caves sprawl across the town of Mabinay, situated in Negros Oriental Province within the Central Visayas Region. Renowned for their natural wonders, these caves are often referred to as the Bulwang Caves, owing to the presence of the Tourist Information Center in Barangay Bulwang. Easily identifiable, this center stands adjacent to the Kabankalan-Mabinay-Bais road, serving as a hub for visitors seeking to explore this captivating attraction.

For those journeying from Dumaguete City, a roughly 2-hour bus ride spanning approximately 79 kilometers northwest will lead them to the Mabinay Caves. The accessibility from Dumaguete City makes it a convenient yet rewarding excursion for travelers eager to delve into the unique subterranean beauty that this region has to offer.

Mabinay Caves Location Map


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