White Beach, the main attraction of Boracay Island, is probably the most famous beach in the Philippines. White Beach is located on the western side of the island making it a perfect spot for relaxing and witnessing the spectacular sunset. This side of Boracay Island is where most of the tourists stay. Near the beach are restaurants, shops, resorts, and other establishments for people to enjoy.

White Beach is divided into 3 sections called Station 1, 2, and 3. Most of the luxury accommodations can be found in Station 1. The rock formation called Willy’s Rock is located in Station 1. Most establishments like bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, water activities and mid-range accommodations were in Station 2. Station 3 mostly have budget accommodations and is the nearest to the Boracay Seaport, the main entry point to Boracay Island.

The beach is about 4 kilometers of powdery white sand, crystal clear water, and has a clear view of the ocean horizon. Enough reason for beach goers to enjoy and have fun in White Beach Boracay Island.

Where is White Beach in Boracay Island?

White Beach is not hard to miss since most of the establishments in the island are located nearby. It is just about 2 minutes walk from the Boracay Highway Central. Boracay Island is located in the Visayas Island Group in the Philippines. The island is within the municipality of Malay, Aklan Province. Geographically, the island is just above the north western tip of Panay Island in Western Visayas Region.

Map of White Beach in Boracay Island

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