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Travel Rules in the Philippines

Written by Patrick

The following is a good set of rules to follow when traveling in the Philippines in order to have a successful and enjoyable trip. 

Travel Rule 2


Travel Rule 18

Life waits for no one

Travel Rule 19

Have less. Do more. Be more.

Travel Rule 20


Travel Rule 16


Travel Rule 15

Don’t forget your passport

Travel Rule 1

Leave your comfort zone

Travel Rule 27

Go with the flow

Travel Rule 7

See the world

Travel Rule 10

Learn the language

Travel Rule 3


Travel Rule 9

Always take the scenic route

Travel Rule 4

Enjoy the journey

Travel Rule 12

Have fun

Travel Rule 5

Laugh often

Travel Rule 8

Follow your bliss

Travel Rule 21

Eat well

Travel Rule 25

Be respectful of the food, the culture, the traditions

Travel Rule 13

Eat as locals eat. Do as locals do.

Travel Rule 11


Travel Rule 14

All journeys have secret destinations

Travel Rule 17

Take lots of pictures

Travel Rule 24

Carpe diem

Travel Rule 22

Adventure is always worthwhile

Travel Rule 26

Follow your own compass

Travel Rule 23

Travel often

Travel Rule 6

Never stop exploring

Don’t Forget …

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Patrick is an entrepreneur, digital nomad, explorer, and photographer. Patrick is always in search of fun and adventure. He is well travelled throughout the world, and although location independent, his home base is Phoenix, Arizona in the USA. Patrick loves island lifestyle which is no wonder why he is so interested in spending time in the Philippines with it’s over 7,000 islands. Patrick created this site to share his knowledge of and experiences in the Philippines with Filipinos as well as other foreigners.

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