Pulang Angui Festival in the Province of Albay

The Pulang Angui Festival centers around the legend of Pulang Angui, which translates to “Red Maria” (Angui being a nickname for Maria). This captivating woman was known for her love of the color red and her stunning beauty. The townspeople celebrate her memory and the story that has become a cornerstone of Polangui’s identity.

The festival is a month-long explosion of color and culture, featuring energetic dance competitions retelling the town’s legend, a beauty pageant to crown “Mutya ng Polangui,” and various sporting events, exhibits showcasing local food and crafts, and other activities that celebrate Polangui’s rich heritage.

The Pulang Angui Festival is a vibrant celebration that serves a threefold purpose for Polangui. First, it commemorates the town’s legendary figure, Pulang Angui, keeping her memory alive and reminding residents of their unique origin story. Second, the festival serves as a platform to showcase Polangui’s rich culture. Through vibrant performances and displays, it highlights the town’s artistic talents, traditions, and local products. Finally, the festival fosters a strong sense of community spirit by bringing everyone together in celebration, fostering pride and shared identity.

Pulang Angui Festival Location

Held annually in Polangui, Albay, the Pulang Angui Festival is a vibrant celebration that honors the town’s legendary figure and namesake, Pulang Angui.

So, if you find yourself in Albay during June, don’t miss the chance to experience the Pulang Angui Festival’s energetic spirit and colorful celebration of local legend.


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