The Pangil River is one of the many river tributaries of Laguna Bay in the CALABARZON Region. Locally referred to as Bambang Hari, meaning “Riverbank of the King,” the river is believed to have been frequented by King Carlos III of Spain during his visit to the country. Spanning over 12 kilometers, the river originates in the northeastern part of Pangil municipality and gracefully flows to its southwestern conclusion at Laguna Bay. Surrounded by lush scenery, the Pangil River is celebrated for its pristine and abundant waters.

A popular destination for locals, the Pangil River Eco Park beckons visitors with a myriad of recreational activities. The park offers opportunities for swimming, river raft rides, hiking, and camping. Swimming, in particular, is a favored pastime, with convenient cottages lining the riverbanks for the enjoyment of visitors. The river’s highlights include the breathtaking Ambon-Ambon and Buntot Palos waterfalls. Ambon-Ambon offers an exhilarating river rafting experience, while reaching Buntot Palos involves a scenic hike. Towering at approximately 80 meters, Buntot Palos stands as one of the tallest waterfalls in the Philippines. To enhance the experience, the Eco Park provides knowledgeable guides for those seeking the thrill of river rafting.

Pangil River Location

Pangil River is located in the municipality of Pangil, Laguna Province on the island of Luzon. Spanning nearly the entire municipality, this river is an unmistakable natural gem. For an optimal encounter with its beauty, the Pangil River Eco Park offers an ideal starting point, conveniently located approximately 2 kilometers from the town center—a mere 8-minute drive by car. This strategic positioning ensures easy access for visitors seeking to immerse themselves in the enchanting beauty of Pangil River.

Pangil River Location Map


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