Tucked away in the lush landscapes of Dimiao, a town in the island of Bohol, Philippines, lies the Pahangog Falls or Dimiao Twin Falls. This attraction is a testament to nature’s beauty and a soothing oasis for those seeking a peaceful escape from the busy everyday life.

Pahangog Falls is renowned for its beauty and tranquil ambiance. As you make your way to this natural wonder, you’ll be greeted by a scenic journey through picturesque countryside views and charming local communities. The anticipation builds as you approach the falls, feeling the cool mist in the air and hearing the gentle rush of water before it comes into view.

The waterfalls is a curtain of pristine water cascades from a height, forming a natural pool at its base. The pool’s inviting turquoise waters beckon travelers to take a refreshing dip and unwind in its cool embrace. The lush greenery surrounding the falls adds to the idyllic atmosphere, creating a postcard-worthy scene that’s perfect for relaxation and photography.

Where is Pahangog Falls located?

Pahangog Falls is located in the town of Dimiao, which is situated in the southern part of the island of Bohol, Philippines. The falls are accessible through a relatively short hike from the town proper.

It’s advisable to inquire locally or seek guidance from residents in Dimiao to ensure you find the correct route to Pahangog Falls. Local guides or tourism information centers can provide valuable assistance in navigating your way to this natural attraction.

Map of Pahangog Falls on Bohol Island


Cover photo by Richard T

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