Mount Iraya, an imposing stratovolcano, majestically stands as a prominent natural landmark on the town of Basco. Its lush green slopes and conical shape add to the scenic beauty of the region, making it a favorite subject for photographers and nature enthusiasts.

It is classified as an active volcano andpart of the Pacific Ring of Fire, a region renowned for its geological activity. Although the volcano is considered active, it has not shown significant signs of eruptive activity in recent history.

Mount Iraya stands at an elevation of approximately 1,009 meters (3,310 feet) above sea level. The summit offers stunning panoramic views of Basco and the surrounding landscapes, making it a popular trekking destination. The journey to the summit offers a rewarding experience, filled with breathtaking vistas and encounters with Batanes’ unique flora and fauna including the Batanes Pit Vipers. As with any mountainous region, the weather around the volcano can change rapidly. It is essential for trekkers and hikers to be well-prepared and check weather conditions before undertaking any ascent.

For the Ivatan people, the indigenous inhabitants of Batanes, Mount Iraya holds a significant spiritual and cultural significance. The mountain is considered sacred and plays a role in their traditional beliefs and rituals.

Mount Iraya is more than just a geological wonder; it is an integral part of the cultural fabric of Basco, Batanes. Its beauty and allure draw both adventurers seeking a challenge and those in search of a tranquil connection with nature. As visitors explore this majestic volcano, they become immersed in the mystical charm that makes the volcano a cherished gem of Batanes.

Where is Mount Iraya located?

Mount Iraya is located on the island of Batan, which is part of the Batanes group of islands in the Philippines. Specifically, the volcano is situated near the town of Basco, which is the capital of Batanes province. Basco is situated on the northern coast of Batan Island.

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Mount Iraya

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