Mount Guiwan likely claims the title of the highest within the Sierra Madre mountain range, soaring to an elevation of 1,915 meters (6,283 feet) above sea level, as depicted in NAMRIA’s topographic map. The indigenous Bugkalot people have crafted well-worn trails throughout these mountains, originally used for their hunting endeavors. While the scientific community is yet to fully explore this region, a promising expedition led by the Nueva Vizcaya Mountaineering Society, Inc. in September 2012 unveiled a thriving ecosystem within Mount Guiwan’s lush forests. Here, you’ll encounter a variety of wildlife, including civets and monkeys, while the streams teem with abundant eels. An impressive waterfall, stretching approximately one kilometer from its initial descent to the base, gracefully descends from near the summit, a testament to the mountain’s natural beauty.

In October 2012, a group of intrepid mountaineers achieved a successful summit of this mountain, following a trail through the enchanting mossy forest. They aptly named this route the Zamora trail, and their journey took three days, commencing from the jump-off point in Alfonso Castañeda. It’s important to note that there is no official claim to the trail names or the distinction of being the first to summit Mount Guiwan, as it has been the traditional hunting grounds of the Bugkalots for generations, and there may be other trails from different villages.

Beneath the grandeur of Mount Guiwan, an engineering feat lies concealed. Here, a tunnel ingeniously diverts water from the Casecnan River in Barangay Pelaway to the Pantabangan Dam in Nueva Ecija, a remarkable contribution to the Casecnan Multi-Purpose Transbasin and Power project.

Mount Guiwan Location

Mount Guiwan is situated in the municipality of Alfonso Castañeda, province of Nueva Vizcaya. It is part of the Mamparang Range, a distinct section of the Sierra Madre mountain range that extends from Aurora province to the town of Alfonso Castañeda, the southeastern part of Nueva Vizcaya.

Mount Guiwan Location Map


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