Mactol Falls is in Nagtipunan, Quirino Province, along with Sinabangan and Taigido Falls. It is around 50 meters high, with clear water flowing into a wide basin and a spillway to the Cagayan River. Surrounded by a dense forest, it offers a serene adventure. Local guides reveal that the landscape of the waterfall undergoes transformations with each typhoon or flood. As word spreads, the attraction is steadily gaining popularity as a must-visit attraction among the locals in Quirino province.

The road leading to the entrance of the waterfall may be steep and winding, yet it is well-paved, offering a scenic drive with captivating views. Upon reaching the entry point, a short but invigorating 10-15 minute hike along a steep trail leads you to the awe-inspiring sight of the waterfall.

The area is home to the Bugkalot Tribes, once known as headhunters but now friendly and welcoming. Immerse yourself in Mactol Falls’ beauty and the tribes’ rich culture for an unforgettable experience in Quirino province.

Mactol Falls Location

Located in the remote barangay of San Pugo within the Municipality of Nagtipunan, Quirino, Mactol Falls graces the northern reaches of Luzon in the Cagayan Valley Region. Surprisingly accessible, this charming waterfall is a mere 30-minute journey from the heart of Nagtipunan town.

Mactol Falls Location Map


Cover photo by Erwin M

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