Lusong Coral Garden, attracts visitors with its vibrant marine life and stunning coral formations. This picturesque snorkeling spot offers an unforgettable glimpse into the rich biodiversity of the Philippines’ waters.

Nestled near Lusong Island, the Coral Garden boasts crystal-clear waters that reveal an array of colorful corals, ranging from soft to hard varieties. Snorkelers can marvel at the kaleidoscope of marine life near the water’s surface.

The marine inhabitants of Lusong Coral Garden are equally enchanting. Schools of tropical fish dart among the corals, showcasing a mesmerizing display of colors. Graceful sea turtles glide gracefully through the water, captivating all who are fortunate enough to encounter them.

Adding to the allure of Lusong Coral Garden is the nearby Lusong Gunboat wreck. This historic shipwreck has become an artificial reef, providing refuge for various marine species and contributing to the area’s thriving ecosystem.

Preserving the delicate balance of Lusong Coral Garden is of utmost importance. Visitors are encouraged to follow responsible diving and snorkeling practices, ensuring that this underwater paradise remains a haven for generations to come.

Where is Lusong Coral Garden located?

Lusong Coral Garden is located near Lusong Island, which is part of the Calamian Islands in Coron, Palawan, Philippines. To reach Lusong Coral Garden, visitors typically take a boat or join guided tours offered by local operators departing from Coron town. The journey to Lusong Coral Garden takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes by boat, depending on the weather and sea conditions.

Please note that travel and diving conditions may vary, so it’s essential to check with local dive operators or tourism offices in Coron for the most up-to-date information and to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at Lusong Coral Garden.

Map of Lusong Coral Garden near Lusong Island

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Lusong Coral Garden

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