Intramuros is a historic site in the city of Manila, Philippines. It used to be the seat of government or an administrative district of the Spanish Empire in Southeast Asia. The district is composed of centuries-old structures, monuments, churches, schools, forts, and many more which are surrounded by walls. Intramuros means “inside the walls” in Latin which describes the entire city of Manila during the Spanish era.

Fort Santiago, one of its main features, is where the Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal was imprisoned before he was executed in 1896. The Battle of Manila during World War II left the city almost completely destroyed except for a few surviving structures like the San Agustin Church. Intramuros is a National Historical Landmark and San Agustin Church located within, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Reconstruction efforts are still being done even up to this day to revive this cultural heritage site.

At present, Intramuros serves as a venue of many profit and non-profit events and activities. There are ways to enjoy or have fun in Intramuros like joining guided tours that allow visitors to experience how life was during the Spanish period. This site is one of the most recommended destinations for anyone visiting Manila.

Where is Intramuros in Manila?

Intramuros is located within in the city of Manila. The city of Manila is part of Metropolitan Manila (Metro Manila) or the National Capital Region. Manila is in the island of Luzon. Intramuros is surrounded by famous landmarks like the Pasig River to its north, Taft Avenue to the east, the Rizal Park to its south, and the Manila Seaport to the west.

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