Hibok-Hibok Volcano on the island of Camiguin

Hibok-Hibok is classified as a stratovolcano, also known as a composite volcano, which is characterized by its steep slopes and alternating layers of lava, ash, and volcanic debris. It is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, a region known for its volcanic and seismic activity. Rising to a height of approximately 1,332 meters (4,370 feet), Hibok-Hibok offers breathtaking views and thrilling adventures.

The volcano has a history of eruptions, with recorded eruptions in 1827, 1862, 1871, 1875, 1882, 1897, 1902, and 1948. The most notable eruption occurred in 1948, causing significant destruction and loss of lives. Since then, the volcano has remained active, and caution is advised when exploring its slopes.

Hiking enthusiasts will find the volcano a thrilling challenge. The trek to the summit rewards adventurers with panoramic vistas of the island and the azure waters that surround Camiguin. The lush vegetation, including tropical rainforests, adds to the scenic beauty of the area.

Visiting Hibok-Hibok Volcano provides a unique opportunity to witness the forces of nature, explore the island’s biodiversity, and appreciate the cultural heritage of Camiguin. However, it’s important to prioritize safety and adhere to guidelines provided by local authorities due to the volcano’s active status.

Where is Hibok-Hibok Volcano located?

Hibok-Hibok Volcano is located on the island of Camiguin in the Philippines. Camiguin is a small island province situated in the Bohol Sea, just off the northern coast of Mindanao, the southernmost major island in the Philippines. The volcano is specifically located in the northern part of Camiguin Island. Its presence dominates the landscape and can be seen from various points on the island.

Map of Hibok-Hibok Volcano on Camiguin Island

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