Duyos Beach is a picturesque stretch of white sand hugged by swaying palm trees and adorned with a stunning sandbar—a true paradise for beach enthusiasts. The resort offers various amenities, including cozy cottages, a convenient store, grilling areas, and clean shower and toilet facilities. Access to this private retreat involves an entrance fee and the option for overnight stays. Visitors can relish swimming in the crystal-clear waters, take leisurely strolls along the shoreline, or simply unwind by lounging on the soft, white sands. The beach’s setting provides a captivating view of nearby islands and an ideal spot to capture breathtaking sunset scenes. Additionally, for explorers keen on island-hopping, there are several neighboring beaches, intriguing rock formations, and nearby attractions to discover.

Duyos Beach Location

Duyos Beach is situated on Unib Island within the Basilisa municipality of Dinagat Islands Province in Caraga Region. Unib Island is one of the many outlying islands surrounding the main Dinagat Island. Dinagat Islands is part of the Mindanao group of Islands in the southern Philippines. The preferred mode of arrival is via boat or traditional bangka. These boats can be conveniently hired from the nearby Surigao City seaport, serving as a gateway for visitors to reach the inviting shores of this beautiful beach resort.

Duyos Beach Location Map


Cover photo by Clyde S

Additional Information

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