Cuatro Islas, a group of islands in Leyte, Philippines, consisting of Apid, Digyo, Mahaba, and Himokilan, was designated a protected landscape and seascape by the Philippine government on April 23, 2000. Encompassing around 12,500 hectares, these islands are renowned for their stunning white sandy shores surrounded by vibrant coral gardens, home to diverse marine life including Tridacna and marine turtles like the Green Sea and Hawkbill turtle.

Digyo Island is a favorite among visitors for its palm trees, sandbars, and sunset views, offering an unspoiled environment ideal for camping and beachcombing. Mahaba Island entices snorkeling and diving enthusiasts with its crystal-clear turquoise waters and thriving marine sanctuary. Himokilan Island, the largest of the four, invites exploration with trekking, cave expeditions, and a variety of water activities. Apid Island, known for its mat-weaving community and fishing village, offers an interactive experience, showcasing local traditions and craftsmanship.

Despite their protected status, the islands face environmental challenges, such as overfishing, poorly enforced fishing regulations, and unmanaged solid waste, particularly plastics. Therefore, concerted efforts to enhance protection and infrastructure are essential for the recovery and sustainability of the islands’ ecosystems.

Cuatro Islas Protected Landscape and Seascape Location

The Cuatro Islas island group is situated in the province of Leyte, within the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines. These islands fall under the administrative jurisdictions of the municipalities of Inopacan and Hindang. Inopacan, located approximately 130 kilometers south of Tacloban City, the capital of Leyte, can be reached by car in about 2 and a half hours.

Cuatro Islas Protected Landscape and Seascape Location Map


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