Cagayan de Oro River in Misamis Oriental Province

The Cagayan de Oro River is a prominent waterway in Mindanao, Philippines, playing a vital role in both the economic and cultural aspects of the region. Stretching approximately 90 kilometers (56 miles), it ranks among the longest rivers in Mindanao. Originating from the Kalatungan Mountain Range in Bukidnon province, this watercourse gracefully meanders towards the Macajalar Bay. It’s essential to note that the Cagayan de Oro River should not be confused with the Cagayan River in Cagayan Province on Luzon island in the northern Philippines.

Functioning as an indispensable lifeline, the river significantly influences the economic landscape by serving as a vital water source for irrigation, bolstering agriculture in the surrounding areas, and providing a wellspring of freshwater fish for local fishermen.

Cagayan de Oro has rightfully earned the title of the Whitewater Rafting Capital in the Philippines, uniquely offering year-round rafting experiences. The river’s challenging rapids attract adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, turning the Cagayan River into a thrilling playground with its varying depths, inclines, and rock formations.

The city’s commitment to river management and flood risk mitigation is exemplified by the construction of the Cagayan de Oro boulevard, a 2.3-kilometer-long, two-lane riverfront promenade. This boulevard not only serves a practical purpose in flood management but also provides a scenic backdrop for leisurely walks, and events.

However, like many rivers worldwide, the Cagayan de Oro River contends with environmental challenges, grappling with pollution stemming from industrial and agricultural activities. To safeguard the river’s ecosystem, concerted efforts are underway to address these issues and advocate for sustainable practices.

Beyond its environmental significance, the Cagayan de Oro River is deeply intertwined with the cultural fabric of its people. Embedded in local folklore and traditions, the river’s name, “Cagayan,” draws from the Malayo-Polynesian language, where “Ag” signifies water, and “Kagay” denotes river, collectively embodying a place with a river.

In essence, the Cagayan de Oro River transcends its role as a vital natural resource; it emerges as a focal point in the recreational and cultural narratives of the region, symbolizing the harmonious interplay between nature and human life along its flowing course.

Cagayan de Oro River Location

The river is located in the northern part of Mindanao, specifically in the province of Misamis Oriental. It runs through the city of Cagayan de Oro, the capital of the province.

Cagayan de Oro Location Map


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