Camotes Island Group is gaining popularity due to its stunning attractions and among these wonders is the Bukilat Cave in Tudela. Bukilat Cave is known for its cold and pure waters, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to swim in its pristine environs.

Upon paying the entrance fee, visitors descend a concreted stairway that leads to an expansive chamber adorned with stalagmites, stalactites, and other rock formations. The cave is unique because it is naturally illuminated, with sunlight filtering through openings in the ground, creating a cathedral-like ambiance. The presence of a tidal pool within the cave adds to its beauty, with the water level fluctuating with the tides. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the cave pool, especially during high tide when the water is at its deepest.

The cave is steeped in local lore and history, with tales of its use by islanders during the Japanese occupation, adding to its mystique and inviting visitors to reflect on its past while reveling in its natural beauty.

Local authorities are dedicated to preserving the beauty of this natural attraction, leading to certain restrictions for visitors. These restrictions include prohibitions on eating, drinking, and smoking within the cave, ensuring the preservation of its pristine environment.

Bukilat Cave Location

Located in Tudela, on Poro Island, Bukilat Cave is approximately 6 kilometers away from Tudela town center, taking around 10 minutes to travel by motorcycle. The scenic route to the cave treats travelers to breathtaking views of the Poro coast and well-preserved mangrove forests, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. The drive to this natural marvel provides visitors with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the island’s natural beauty before even reaching the cave itself.

Bukilat Cave Location Map


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