Asik-Asik Falls, also known as Dulao Falls, is a waterfall known for its unique feature – a 200-feet curtain of water that stretches over 450 feet wide wall of greenery. Unlike many other waterfalls where there is visible source of water like a river, this one just gushes out from a rocky cliff mostly covered by ferns and moss. The water looks like it is getting sprinkled over at it falls, the reason why it is called Asik-Asik. “Asik” is a local term for sprinkle so “asik-asik” means sprinkle-sprinkle. One theory about the structure of the waterfalls is that the water comes from the mountain spring or an underground river that found its way through the cracks of the cliff.

The waterfalls doesn’t have a catch basin like most waterfalls since it just flows down into a rocky stream below it. The stream isn’t too deep making it perfect for people to enjoy bathing!

Asik-Asik Falls is about 600 meters away from the jump-off point, or about 17-20 minutes walk. Going to the waterfall requires descending into hundreds of steps but it’s definitely worth it after enjoying the view and the refreshingly cold water of this enchanting attraction.

Where is Asik-Asik Falls?

Asik-Asik Falls is located in Sitio Dulao, Barangay Upper Dado in the municipality of Alamada, Cotabato. The province of Cotabato is in the SOCCSKSARGEN Region of Mindanao Island.

Map of Asik-Asik Falls

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