Asik-Asik Falls in Alamda, Cotabato

The majestic Asik-Asik Falls, also known as Dulao Falls, boasts a truly unique display. Unlike most waterfalls, its source remains shrouded in mystery. Instead of a cascading river, a 200-foot curtain of water erupts from a lush, 450-foot wide moss and fern-covered cliff. The falling water appears sprinkled, aptly reflected in the name “Asik-Asik,” which translates to “sprinkle-sprinkle” in the local tongue. Theories suggest the source could be a hidden mountain spring or an underground river finding its way through the cliff’s cracks.

The waterfalls doesn’t have a catch basin like most waterfalls since it just flows down into a rocky stream below it. The stream isn’t too deep making it perfect for people to enjoy bathing!

The base of the falls is conveniently located 600 meters from the designated trailhead. This translates to a moderate 17-20 minute descent, well rewarded by the breathtaking panorama and invigorating plunge pool awaiting at the conclusion of your trek.

In conclusion, this unique attraction exemplifies the breathtaking beauty and diversity of waterfalls found throughout the Philippines.

Asik-Asik Falls Location

Asik-Asik is located in Sitio Dulao, Barangay Upper Dado in the municipality of Alamada, Cotabato. The province of Cotabato is in the SOCCSKSARGEN Region of Mindanao Island.

Asik-Asik Falls Location Map


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