Aglipay Cave, an enchanting 37-chamber system in Quirino Province, has dedicated eight chambers for tourist exploration. This underground marvel showcases well-preserved stalactites, stalagmites, and unique rock formations, including an underground spring, with depths reaching up to 20 meters. It is a renowned local attraction in the province.

The chambers of the cave system feature stunning rock formations that captivate explorers. The notable large chamber boasts calcite formations reminiscent of miniature rice terraces. In other sections, formations take on a wedding theme, with rocks shaped like a bride, groom, and priest, along with resemblances to a giant snake and rollercoaster.

Accessing the entrance to the large chamber involves climbing steps and descending into the expansive darkness. Some chambers are interconnected, while others require trekking through the surrounding forest. The cave poses challenges, including slippery areas, instances where cavers need to duck and squeeze through small holes, and the need to climb a steel ladder to exit one chamber. Negotiating this steep and slippery ladder in the darkness marks the end of the spelunking adventure in the explored sections of Aglipay Cave.

Guides are highly recommended for cave exploration due to the challenges presented, enhancing the overall enjoyment of spelunking. Additionally, the attraction provides a campsite for tourists interested in extending their stay and immersing themselves further in the natural beauty of the area.

Aglipay Cave Location

Aglipay Cave is located in Villa Ventura, municipality of Aglipay in the province of Quirino. The province is on Luzon island and in the Cagayan Region. The cave system is about 5 kilometers away east of the Aglipay town center or around 7 minutes travel by car.

Aglipay Cave Location Map


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